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Pretty Buddha

I am not just a lighthearted sweet,
There’s a conversation I need to start,
I feel the desire to sit and explain,
The higher contents of my heart.

You are destined to be a teacher,
And I can be that for you too,
I will gratefully teach you contentment,
Through unconditional love for you

You believe yourself to be damaged goods,
Deceptive perfections are your goal,
You need to slow down so I can whisper your truths,
And release what is trapped in your soul.

You’ll find your self esteem finely tuned,
Get a clear image of your value,
When you consider your life is a reflection of your thoughts,
And start seeing yourself as I do.

You are perfect Metta Bhavana x

Ruby Honeytip

I Have..I Give.

This is not a tiny man made thing
Like religion or money.
This is a Mother Nature thing,
Made with the same stuff
As the starlight,
The pull of a wave,
And the smell of Sunshine.
It cannot be placed in a box
And its lid shut tight.
This is a sea!
A galaxy!
A universe!
And yet
You hold it in your hand
As if it were a tiny thing.
Look again….

© 2012

I wrote this poem in the spirit of all beautiful sentiments that are given in love from one human to another…..forgiveness, gratitude, love, respect…..I feel that these things are given from the heart and it would be following the universal law of reciprocity if all of these gifts were met with gratitude from those to which they are given.  It’s a commercial world, but sometimes the spirit of love and gratitude are the only meaningful things we have left to give each other.