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A Stand In The Mirror

An elderly woman stands
Naked before me
Childbirth, wisdom and years
Have painted times story
Through her skin and hair.
Grace and confidence
Position her posture.
Air on skin sings a forgotten song
She is rounded and soft,
Too much so…some would say,
But her eyes smile with
Her own compassion.
She knows this body,
Loves this body,
For all it has done for her.
Her mysteries are deep
And infinite.
There have been pleasures found
In the heat of her embrace.
She has felt joy and sorrow
Through every cell
Of her friendly body
She loved this life
All of it…even the heartache.
With a smile I turn away
From a reflected winter canvas
I suppose I don’t mind
The shades of greying,
As long as I’m still here
To lament them.

Ruby Honeytip