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A Gender Bind

I ride with you all
In my do or die manner
And I rather thought
You might like to join me.
I don’t care what you wear
To our genderless party
It’s an authentic soiree.
As you can see

This path is not straight
But try kindness on for now
Wrap your fear in feathers.
Such safe abandons
Are in your offcuts and misshapes.
We will deny the crimson ropes
In your barriered gatherings
We’ll get what we want
In our quest to make you see that
Each of our unwrapped friends
Will not stay invisible
It is only when held together
Without a gender bind
We are a truly beautiful
Human Rainbow

Ruby Honeytip

A Stand In The Mirror

An elderly woman stands
Naked before me
Childbirth, wisdom and years
Have painted times story
Through her skin and hair.
Grace and confidence
Position her posture.
Air on skin sings a forgotten song
She is rounded and soft,
Too much so…some would say,
But her eyes smile with
Her own compassion.
She knows this body,
Loves this body,
For all it has done for her.
Her mysteries are deep
And infinite.
There have been pleasures found
In the heat of her embrace.
She has felt joy and sorrow
Through every cell
Of her friendly body
She loved this life
All of it…even the heartache.
With a smile I turn away
From a reflected winter canvas
I suppose I don’t mind
The shades of greying,
As long as I’m still here
To lament them.

Ruby Honeytip

Starlight Kintsugi

Your stardust flows through
Featherlight fault bars in my spirit
This luminescence repairs me
With its glimmer of infinite innocence.
I am no longer flightless
Stuck in a background
Of fallen skies
For you showed me stars shine brightest
In the beauty of the dark

Ruby Honeytip

Adam and Steve

Twilight silhouettes 
Of apple trees
Stretch to kiss the last of the light.
A full moon ascends
Casts out feminine hands
As she smilingly heralds the night.
He pulls me toward him
Like the moon and the tide
I move close and he holds me tight.
I feel his life force
Under my hands
Alone, my desires ignite.
He kisses my cheek,
With his friendly ease,
My heart pains from love no requite.
Dammit! If I turn just an inch
And kiss his lips
Would he think me impolite?
Or would he suddenly realise
I hold true loves kiss
And let his hidden passion take flight?
What does all of this matter
If only one of us knows
And I will never take the first bite?

Just let it fall

Ruby Honeytip

Cheap Thrill

My feet are pointing high in the air,
I’m blinded by a veil of hair.
My body is shaking, a teardrop appears…
Is it too late to let me out of here!
I sneak a peek at you..do you find this amusing?
My skirt ’round my ears, my neighbours assuming….
That my moaning and screaming is born from fun,
Not knowing my instincts are telling me ‘RUN! ‘
But wait..there’s a thrill…..I feel so alive
My body is speeding as though to survive!
Laughter has replaced the feeling of dread.
Smiles have pushed my ears high on my head: -D
By the time I realise, I like it more than I’m s’pose ta
It’s time to vacate from my first rollercoaster.

LET’S GO AGAIN! ! ! : -)

© 2012