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I Might Not Be Beautiful,

I might not be beautiful,
But I could intoxicate you,
Melt through you like an aged Scotch Whiskey.
I could make you dizzy with how you make me feel.
That kind of happy can be tranferred from my eyes,
Straight to your heart.
I could disorient you with my kiss,
It would feel like flying!
The take off of lips first connecting,
Then deeper familiarity lifts us higher.
We would open our eyes and register surprise,
That our feet are still on the ground.
I don’t need a perfect body to get you thirsty to drink me in,
You would savour my softness….my fullness,
I could make you drunk on me.

Just give me your lips.

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip


If I could…

I would open my dress,
And let you have the woman of me.
I would open my chest,
And let you have the heart of me.
I would open my wounds,
And let you see the pain in me.
I would open my eyes,
And let you see the soul of me.
I would open my arms,
And let you have the warmth of me,
I would open my mind,
And let you have the knowing of me.
I would open my lips,
And kiss you all the joy in me.
I would.
I would.
I would….

And yet, I am still.

© 2013

Ruby Honeytip

A Sunlit Hope

He has an inate kindness
That has sown
A seed of togetherness
Into the middle
Of my battered heart.

The first tiny shoot of hope
Has emerged in me
And he tends to it
With sunlit smiles
As if it were his own.

Tell me…..
How was I not
To fall deep
With all that he means
To my entirety?

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip

I Have..I Give.

This is not a tiny man made thing
Like religion or money.
This is a Mother Nature thing,
Made with the same stuff
As the starlight,
The pull of a wave,
And the smell of Sunshine.
It cannot be placed in a box
And its lid shut tight.
This is a sea!
A galaxy!
A universe!
And yet
You hold it in your hand
As if it were a tiny thing.
Look again….

© 2012

I wrote this poem in the spirit of all beautiful sentiments that are given in love from one human to another…..forgiveness, gratitude, love, respect…..I feel that these things are given from the heart and it would be following the universal law of reciprocity if all of these gifts were met with gratitude from those to which they are given.  It’s a commercial world, but sometimes the spirit of love and gratitude are the only meaningful things we have left to give each other.