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A Sunlit Hope

He has an inate kindness
That has sown
A seed of togetherness
Into the middle
Of my battered heart.

The first tiny shoot of hope
Has emerged in me
And he tends to it
With sunlit smiles
As if it were his own.

Tell me…..
How was I not
To fall deep
With all that he means
To my entirety?

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip

Feet and Hands (Esperanza)

As a young girl, I would stare at my bloodied feet.

Hardened, dirty, sore.

Miles walked on scorching earth collecting food and water for my family,

Eyes open, mind closed to the loss, the dry hunger

And violence toward the ones I loved and the ones I didn’t.

I looked to the stars and prayed for relief.

I imagined myself swept far away and planted in a different place where death is not daily.

I prayed for my Mother, for the survival of my friend,

I prayed for help.

One day help came and I began my journey…..

My daughter has a balanced stance,

And delicate coloured shoes.

She learned at school there are 26 bones

In her soft feet

And she thinks it a miracle.

She smiles at passers by

And picks sunflowers for her brothers,

As I water our plants and breathe.

Esperanza sits at my feet as she makes flower chains

And chatters of her new dear friend and her cat.

I was given a hand up by people I can never repay.

They gave me an education and the chance to work hard for the possibility of a life I have shown to my children.

The only way I can pay it back is to live the life the charity intended.

I will hold on to the outstretched hands of my Sisters

And lead the way out……..

©  2012

Ruby Honeytip