I am a writer and poet. I create sweet, simple work with deceptively provocative depth. I am a regular visitor to death’s door and am afraid of green ants, wasp nests and taking out the trash at night.
I am Lisa Sherman-Weeks…best known for my work under this nom de plume, Ruby Honeytip.

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  1. Dion and the Belmonts have a great song yclept (sic) Ruby. Well I have a girl and Ruby is her name, this girl don’t love me, but I love her just the same, Ruby Ruby how I want ya’, like a ghost I am goin’ to haunt ya, Ruby Ruby will you be mine, all the time. You’re probably too young to remember it, but you can no doubt get it. I saw a few of your poems on Poemhunter and got information about your “blog”. As I mentioned after one of your poems, I like them. There is so much doggerel on that site, and it is depressing that every one writes poetry, so it is hard to find the heartfelt and well crafted ones. But you have the gift and it obviously brings pleasure to your readers. There’s no need to reply; I just thought a curmudgeonly 67 year old happily married poet from Australia ought to give you some feedback. Don’t bother with my poems, I’m too cynical; a new age Palladas.

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