If I could…

I would open my dress,
And let you have the woman of me.
I would open my chest,
And let you have the heart of me.
I would open my wounds,
And let you see the pain in me.
I would open my eyes,
And let you see the soul of me.
I would open my arms,
And let you have the warmth of me,
I would open my mind,
And let you have the knowing of me.
I would open my lips,
And kiss you all the joy in me.
I would.
I would.
I would….

And yet, I am still.

© 2013

Ruby Honeytip

Forbidden Fruit

He presses it to his lips,
Bares his teeth,
And nips at the flesh.
Sweet liquid escapes his lips
And races with his tongue
From the corner
Of his mouth.
He catches the nectarous droplet
And draws it back inside.
Oh my!
How I long for a taste!
To touch his delicious lips with mine.
To fold my tongue through
The warm sweetness of him
Again…again and again.
Ohhhh to hear my name groaned
Through his baritone voice
As my body sings his song.

His eyes….his beautiful eyes are….

Uh oh! !

He sees me!

I feel crimson warmth spread
Across my face
And wonder..
How long have I been staring at him?

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip

Mother Of Light

You started as a droplet inside a shell,
Warm, languid, liquid.
Now that safe harbour,
Has turned you into a sea.
To create you, every wonderful thing I’ve thought,
Every ray of light I’ve ever seen,
Was harnessed in that single drop.
To nourish…to divide,
Cell by cell
Pouring forward from me,
Toward my ultimate worth.
I didn’t know it,
But until that point,
My world had been flat.
You helped me peek over the edge,
We looked into an unfolding universe,
Then you jumped with me!
A galaxy of light and giggles
Radiated through me,
To get to you.
Spirit and Soul,
Light and Hope.
You are so much more
Than an extension
Of my heart or limb.
I am, because of you.
You are, because of me.
Forever bundled in love,
I get to be your Mother.

© 2012 

Ruby Honeytip

And What’s It Gonna Be Boy?

You sprinkle yourself inside me
With every comment,
With every intercourse of feeling
With every giggle you pull from me.
You make me love myself,
Because I see myself in you.
If you don’t desire me,
If I never make your hands shake,
When I’m close,
Really close….
Then it’s time now
To step back
And save my heart
Like a hero.

I’ll let you sleep on it.

© 2012 

Ruby Honeytip

Just Leave it Behind

I will not let define me, what happens behind me,
I’m tied up with important stuff.
If my tushie is fair, only takes up one chair,
If it fits in clothes, that is enough!

‘Does my bum look too big? ‘ is another girls gig,
I never look back for diversions.
If I choose to not to see it, I don’t have to believe it,
I can dream up a thousand new versions

The one in my mind, is quite well defined,
It’s tanned ‘til the line where it’s not.
It’s smooth and well toned, shaped like 2 domes,
Like a ripe peach or apricot

I don’t mind the ruse, I simply refuse,
To miss out food that’s delicious.
If it’s up to my answer, I have the form of a dancer,
Look behind me, I’m boootylicious.

If you have a problem, with a butt that’s been wobblin’
On every given day of the week
Take a tip from me, pretend you don’t see
Or I’ll tell you to kiss my cheek ; ^)

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip


Amazing Disgrace

You hurt me,
Scared me,
Bruised me,
Tried to extinguish me
And almost broke me.
Today, finally you are dead
And I feel that I have won
A brutal fight
Through natural order.
I refuse to be anything
Except free from you
And what you have done.
I will live my life
And breathe from this new dawn.


Adored in Somnolence

He curls up behind her
His every curve
Melting into her own.
The setting sun
Reflects from the lake
And dances across the ceiling
Like the aurora borealis
And they watch the display
In sleepy silence.
The temperature slowly drops.
He pulls the cover higher
On her.
For the first time in her life,
She feels safe.
His hand cups her breast,
As she drifts to dreaming,
With a tiny smile on her face.
He kisses her hair
And follows her.

© 2012