Helen Keller

I am a language without speech.
A translation in touch.
I hear through my fingertips.
And I speak with your breath.
I connect curious distinctions
With nowhere to fall….but up.
I dream in chosen uncertainties
As I inspect the freedom
That ties so unexpectedly few
To the eternal possibilities
Inside clear spaces like mine.
I was created
As were you
By everything nothing.
And I will rise for you
Until you too
See without the filter
Of your ‘self’

Ruby Honeytip

Forgiving Heart

She does not try
To savage or conquer
This persistent fiend.
She accepts his presence
With supple willingness
The softest parts of her yield.
The warmth of her accepts.
Her watchful heart was created
To suffer the break and rebuild
Of sweet and cruel
Brave and cold
And she stands
Holding to it
With all she has amounted to.
She closes her eyes
Head held high
And allows all of the torment
To pass through her open heart
Because closing it tight
Will only cage the beast

She knows heartbreak.

Spaghetti Western

The vast canyon of your arms length,
Creates miles of dusty loneliness
With tongue tasted syllables
Pulled from the horizon
Your mouth molds air
Into the shape of goodbye.
And I leave
With a bullet in my back.

Ruby Honeytip

And Perhaps We Can Die Just a Little Bit

The space in which I sit
Feels stretched but empty
It still holds an imprint
Shaped like me
And a warm dent where I rest my beliefs.
I have become a cool empty distance
With no question or answer.
My life has fallen away from itself
Like a dried leaf dancing aimlessly down
Forgetting its pull to the sun
Did my life add up to what was,
And what wasn’t?
My ideas still grow
Into all they don’t know

(They don’t know)

My life once so important to me
Is a collection of speedy tasks
That don’t really exist as meaningful
In a world of ants and bees
Of oceans, skies and galaxies of silence.
I inhale on the humbling truth
That nobody will write my poems
And I wonder if I still have more to say?
Or did I get stuck on the fact
That you were never mine?
Perhaps all I wrote from you
The love….the heat…the joyous abandon
Was the greatest fiction of my life
And perhaps this idea
Makes me die just a little bit

Before I am truly gone.

Windswept and Interesting

Something is always
About to happen.
You can hold your breath
And it will not stop it.
It will avoid your gasp
And surprise you
Like a snakestrike.
An unexpected pain slides
Into the space where
Breath and thought were you.
Time is the unbroken chain
Where it sits
And stalks the weakest links
That will give it rein.
It finds an invite to come wreak havoc.
Whether you cook it up,
Or you’re nice about it,
There’s nothing you can
Do about it
You let it in,
And now it’s blown
An untidy, interesting mess,
From all the stuff
That was your life.

A Gender Bind

I ride with you all
In my do or die manner
And I rather thought
You might like to join me.
I don’t care what you wear
To our genderless party
It’s an authentic soiree.
As you can see

This path is not straight
But try kindness on for now
Wrap your fear in feathers.
Such safe abandons
Are in your offcuts and misshapes.
We will deny the crimson ropes
In your barriered gatherings
We’ll get what we want
In our quest to make you see that
Each of our unwrapped friends
Will not stay invisible
It is only when held together
Without a gender bind
We are a truly beautiful
Human Rainbow

Ruby Honeytip