I, with my questions,
Doubts and need for truth,
Have felt deeply settled inside the quiet answers of your eyes.
I am open to you.
Please lead me and I will follow
Through your healing pathways
Of time honoured valour
My joy is expressed from heart to soul
In the simple intimacy
Of you holding my hand

Please…don’t let go

Ruby Honeytip


I would taste you up and down,
From the top of you to your base,
Nibble your ticklish places,
Then kiss the smile upon your face.
I would pull you with sweet longing,
To where only you could see,
And place the deepest parts of me,
Warmly within your reach.
You would fold yourself in my safety,
Wrap yourself in my love,
You would feel my passion enclose on you,
And I would fit you like a glove.
I would fill your soul with nourishment,
That only a good woman provides,
You would release all your secrets into me,
And I would hold them safely inside.
You would kiss me and whisper so sweetly,
That from me you will never part,
And gently, eyes down,
I would offer to you
The last piece of my heart.


Ruby Honeytip

True North

In my quiet moments
My body pulls for you
Like a compass pulls for
Magnetic North
I think of your smile
Your skin on mine
I feel the event of your touch
In my quickened heart
And the blush in my cheeks
You are the loving home
My heart has searched for
And I am so happy
You let me in.

Ruby Honeytip

Sweet Offbeat

I will always remember
The first offbeat of you
A quirky gift
Of lopsided humours.
I will never forget
Being drawn to the protection,
Of our happy surrender
And the unplanted trust
That grew in us instantly.
I stepped off the doubts
Of my ruined dreams
To fall in love with you
Time and time again.
Our first kiss
Was one of the happiest
Firsts of my life
And I get to remenber it
With your warm hand
Still in mine

Thank you

Ruby Honeytip

Helen Keller

I am a language without speech.
A translation in touch.
I hear through my fingertips.
And I speak with your breath.
I connect curious distinctions
With nowhere to fall….but up.
I dream in chosen uncertainties
As I inspect the freedom
That ties so unexpectedly few
To the eternal possibilities
Inside clear spaces like mine.
I was created
As were you
By everything nothing.
And I will rise for you
Until you too
See without the filter
Of your ‘self’

Ruby Honeytip