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A Stand In The Mirror

An elderly woman stands
Naked before me
Childbirth, wisdom and years
Have painted times story
Through her skin and hair.
Grace and confidence
Position her posture.
Air on skin sings a forgotten song
She is rounded and soft,
Too much so…some would say,
But her eyes smile with
Her own compassion.
She knows this body,
Loves this body,
For all it has done for her.
Her mysteries are deep
And infinite.
There have been pleasures found
In the heat of her embrace.
She has felt joy and sorrow
Through every cell
Of her friendly body
She loved this life
All of it…even the heartache.
With a smile I turn away
From a reflected winter canvas
I suppose I don’t mind
The shades of greying,
As long as I’m still here
To lament them.

Ruby Honeytip


My tongue will turn two raspberries

My ears will know true silence

My lips will kiss his smile

My heart will know its mate

My eyes will rest on flowers

My nose will twitch in response

My lungs will love for air

My thoughts will find my feet

And my feet will ask them to dance.

Today is good

Ruby Honeytip


Your breath is an ocean

Held to my ear

The want

The pressure

It pulls at me like a riptide

Before placing me safely to shore

The silence before the wave

Is full of knowing and nothing

How is it you sing a timeless current

And I instantly know the chorus?

Still…I sing along with the eternal ebb and flow

Of your gravitational wave

An intertidal ballad

Of truth and balance

I am stripped bare by the collision and

…….it takes a while to know

That I’m waving, not drowning.

Proudly, I high five myself on the way back…

Forever merged with you.

Ruby Honeytip

An Uncommon Man

I translate his unconditional acceptance

Into a language for myself.

I use these tender scripts

To write songs of my healing

And I smile as he sings along

To help me remember the words

These ultimate lullabies

Soothe any self contempt,

Comfort my fears,

And send my fatal future to sleep.

His bona fides

Have defended what no other man could.

My life is so very small

And insignificant on it’s own

But he has saved it.

Ruby Honeytip

Kintsugi Starlight

His luminescence flows through
Featherlight fault bars in my spirit
His stardust repairs me
With innocent illuminations.
I am no longer flightless
Stuck in a background
Of fallen skies
For he showed me stars
Can only shine bright
In the beauty of the dark

Ruby Honeytip

Mother Of Light

You started as a droplet inside a shell, 
Warm, languid, liquid.
Now that safe harbour, 
Has turned you into a sea.
To create you, every wonderful thing I’ve thought, 
Every ray of light I’ve ever seen, 
Was harnessed in that single drop.
To nourish…to divide, 
Cell by cell
Pouring forward from me, 
Toward my ultimate worth.
I didn’t know it, 
But until that point, 
My world had been flat.
You helped me peek over the edge, 
We looked into an unfolding universe, 
Then you jumped with me! 
A galaxy of light and giggles
Radiated through me, 
To get to you.
Spirit and Soul, 
Light and Hope.
You are so much more
Than an extension
Of my heart or limb.
I am, because of you.
You are, because of me.
Forever bundled in love, 
I get to be your Mother.

My Sweet Spot

Everyone has a sweet spot, 
It’s the thing we look forward to, 
Something that fires our passions, 
And lifts us when we’re blue.
For some it’s a secret pleasure, 
Or a brush with a taboo, 
For me it’s a brush with pure beauty, 
For my sweet spot is always you.