Little Lad and Big Dog

Little lad and big dog,
Big dog and little lad,
A childhood shared in friendship,
A boy and his yellow lab.
The beginning passed through worried eyes,
As adults watched the transition,
But sometimes, fun was this journey,
For the boy with imagined visions.
One day they would be explorers,
Making their way down sunlit canyons,
The next they would be Spacemen,
Still in space, each others’ companion.
A warm heart, a steady step,
Confidence built each day,
Small dangers were averted,
And always disguised as play.
This dog had intuition
The boys Parents saw clean and true,
No need to fret with this well trained pet,
They had seen what this Lab could do.
The boy was never lonely,
With his savior by his side,
To him it hardly mattered now,
The day that he turned blind.

Good dog

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