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Adam and Steve

Twilight silhouettes 
Of apple trees
Stretch to kiss the last of the light.
A full moon ascends
Casts out feminine hands
As she smilingly heralds the night.
He pulls me toward him
Like the moon and the tide
I move close and he holds me tight.
I feel his life force
Under my hands
Alone, my desires ignite.
He kisses my cheek,
With his friendly ease,
My heart pains from love no requite.
Dammit! If I turn just an inch
And kiss his lips
Would he think me impolite?
Or would he suddenly realise
I hold true loves kiss
And let his hidden passion take flight?
What does all of this matter
If only one of us knows
And I will never take the first bite?

Just let it fall

Ruby Honeytip

Pretty Buddha

I am not just a lighthearted sweet,
There’s a conversation I need to start,
I feel the desire to sit and explain,
The higher contents of my heart.

You are destined to be a teacher,
And I can be that for you too,
I will gratefully teach you contentment,
Through unconditional love for you

You believe yourself to be damaged goods,
Deceptive perfections are your goal,
You need to slow down so I can whisper your truths,
And release what is trapped in your soul.

You’ll find your self esteem finely tuned,
Get a clear image of your value,
When you consider your life is a reflection of your thoughts,
And start seeing yourself as I do.

You are perfect Metta Bhavana x

Ruby Honeytip

Forbidden Fruit

He presses it to his lips,
Bares his teeth,
And nips at the flesh.
Sweet liquid escapes
And races with his tongue
From the corner
Of his mouth.
He catches the nectarous droplet
And draws it back inside.
Oh my!
How I long for a taste!
To touch his delicious lips with mine.
To fold my tongue through
The warm sweetness of him
Again…again and again.
Ohhhh to hear my name groaned
Through his baritone voice
As my body sings his song.

His eyes….his beautiful eyes are….

Uh oh! !

He sees me!

I feel crimson warmth spread
Across my face
And wonder..
How long have I been staring at him?


Ruby Honeytip

Tristesse dans la Solitude

I will not lie down before you,
Without a care for who I am.
I am not for the highest bidder
To take for a tinker’s damn.

It’s clear I have a broken heart
My worth not taken by love
But I’ll always abide by a strong lady’s creed
To stand and rise above.

Loneliness won’t kill me
Nor will a lovers glare
My worth not defined by a valentine
But….. I’ll fade and there’s not one to care.

I’m alone and there’s nobody coming
To kiss me or hold my hands
I can feel the heart in me harden
To prepare for the cold barren lands


Ruby Honeytip

Her Best Friend

He left a message on her voicemail
She saved it and she listens
She listens and burns.
She is a fool
Such a fool!

An innocent knee
Pressed against hers
Sets her alight where they touch
She is a fool
Such a fool

She listens to his beautiful words,
And lets them flow to the middle of her heart,
As she stares at the base of his throat.
She is a fool,
Such a fool

As soon as he leaves her
She feels a universe of hidden sentiments
Descend upon her tongue
She is a fool,

She shares him with so many just like her,
And she’s the easy target amongst them all.
Alas…he’ll have her gentle heart forever,
Because she is a fool
Only a fool.


Ruby Honeytip

I Might Not Be Beautiful,

I might not be beautiful,
But I could intoxicate you,
Melt through you like an aged Scotch Whiskey.
I could make you dizzy with how you make me feel.
That kind of happy can be tranferred from my eyes,
Straight to your heart.
I could disorient you with my kiss,
It would feel like flying!
The take off of lips first connecting,
Then deeper familiarity lifts us higher.
We would open our eyes and register surprise,
That our feet are still on the ground.
I don’t need a perfect body to get you thirsty to drink me in,
You would savour my softness….my fullness,
I could make you drunk on me.

Just give me your lips.

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip


If I could…

I would open my dress,
And let you have the woman of me.
I would open my chest,
And let you have the heart of me.
I would open my wounds,
And let you see the pain in me.
I would open my eyes,
And let you see the soul of me.
I would open my arms,
And let you have the warmth of me,
I would open my mind,
And let you have the knowing of me.
I would open my lips,
And kiss you all the joy in me.
I would.
I would.
I would….

And yet, I am still.

© 2013

Ruby Honeytip