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And What’s It Gonna Be Boy?

You sprinkle yourself inside me
With every comment,
With every intercourse of feeling
With every giggle you pull from me.
You make me love myself,
Because I see myself in you.
If you don’t desire me,
If I never make your hands shake,
When I’m close,
Really close….
Then it’s time now
To step back
And save my heart
Like a hero.

I’ll let you sleep on it.

© 2012 

Ruby Honeytip

Amuséd and Unbuttoned

Our cards are on the table,
All my Aces are face down,
My Poker Face practised, perfect,
In for a penny or a pound?

Now the sweat beads at my temple,
I’ve misused my Aces High,
By sneaking one off the table,
And pressing it to my thigh.

I am not a cheat by nature,
I would win if I showed my hand,
But unveiling what’s deliciously hidden,
Was always part of my plan.

You’ve got me where you want me,
I unbutton and strip without pause,
‘A game well played’ you whisper,
‘I’ll show you mine, since you showed me yours’


© 2012

Ruby Honeytip

Just Leave it Behind

I will not let define me, what happens behind me,
I’m tied up with important stuff.
If my tushie is fair, only takes up one chair,
If it fits in clothes, that is enough!

‘Does my bum look too big? ‘ is another girls gig,
I never look back for diversions.
If I choose to not to see it, I don’t have to believe it,
I can dream up a thousand new versions

The one in my mind, is quite well defined,
It’s tanned ‘til the line where it’s not.
It’s smooth and well toned, shaped like 2 domes,
Like a ripe peach or apricot

I don’t mind the ruse, I simply refuse,
To miss out food that’s delicious.
If it’s up to my answer, I have the form of a dancer,
Look behind me, I’m boootylicious.

If you have a problem, with a butt that’s been wobblin’
On every given day of the week
Take a tip from me, pretend you don’t see
Or I’ll tell you to kiss my cheek ; ^)

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip