You’ll Do

I realized long ago,
There are no huge plans for me
There will be no fanfare as I pass through
My meat pie destiny.
There are no Nobel Prizes,
To proclaim my importance by,
No Academy Awards,
No private jet from which I fly.
The world did not get curious
Or ponder what I would become
Turns out I’m just a plain Jane girl
With a slightly enlarged bum.
And there you are my husband,
With equally echoed dreams,
Reverberating behind you,
With all you could have been.
There are no sun filled yacht trips,
Through the Caribbean sea,
No cocktails in the parlour,
For the likes of you and me.
We haven’t burnt our bridges,
For they were never put there at the start,
So it looks like we’ll be bored to death,
Until the day we part.
Romance is really not my thing
Just between me and you,
But it’s with a heartfelt up and down
That I look at ya and think ‘You’ll do’

© 2012

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