Like a Boss

She wants to sweep her fingertips over the base of his throat as he throws his head back to laugh.
She wants to smell the salty ocean air through the pine trees and hear her own soft whimper as he bends to kiss her.
She wants to feel him whisper sweet, crazy words close to her ear and delight in the hidden shivers he brings to the depths of her.
She wants to let the heat from his hand burn her thigh.
She wants to pull his sweet breath inside her chest and hold it until she knows it has travelled to the centre of her.
She wants permission to stand close…very close…
Can he tell that his name starts deep inside her and rings and rings and rings? …….
Slowly, she opens her eyes and, ever ladylike, crosses her legs, hands folded over her knees, as the world comes back to focus
She wonders if this too shall pass
So she can get back to work!

© Ruby Honeytip

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