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The wind blowing through your hair,

Hits my face from the same direction.

I brush the hair out of my eyes,

So I can keep looking at you.

You’re so beautiful to me.

I can see your lips moving,

But I can’t make out what you are singing.

Do you know your nose twitches before you giggle?

I could look at you all day!

I am stunned….

Mesmerised by you.

The sun is slowly collapsing over the horizon,

The bare trees cast long shadows like tall men.

A chill passes through me,

And you pull your cardigan closed to stay warm.

It’s time to go home.

We keep walking through the end of today,

Past the pools of yesterdays swim,

Past the grocery store where you bought movie snacks,

And I watched silently.

You stop to pick a plum from the tree of old Mrs Beckitt.

Your nose wrinkles, and you giggle with your first bite

You are a delight.

I notice my step has matched yours…

Left after right in time to my heart.

There it is…..home.

You take your key from your pocket

And I watch as you let yourself inside.

I turn and walk away.

You have taken another long romantic walk,

That only one of us knows about.

See you tomorrow.

©  2012

Ruby Honeytip



His eyes run up,
Her pink stockinged thigh,
She squeals with joy!
He can hear her.
Flamboyance and height,
In a pink glitter wig,
He knows a few that see her,
Would fear her.
He feels sadness,
Rise up in his heart and mind,
As injustice and violence
Grow near her.
Her manicured nails,
Her glossy lips,
No longer serve,
To endear her.
‘Set her free! ‘ he thinks,
‘I’m not scared anymore! ‘
And he turns away
From the mirror.

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip

Left Behind

Here he comes!
Her heart beats faster.
She hears his voice
And lets it drip through her awareness
Like warm honey.
She feels sparkles of electricity
As he passes behind her.
Her skin prickles,
She shivers.
Her softness peaks,
Her spirits lift….
But only for this frozen instant,
And they fall as he strides away.
She does not turn around to face him
Because, in the depths of him,
She senses a deep abiding disinterest.
Oh how she is mistaken…
He walks away
Clenching his fists,
Inhaling the last of her perfume,
And lovingly thinking only of her.

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip


Do you feel the weight press against you?
The weight of cold pressing truth.
Does it force the guilt from your pores like oil?
No..I see it is light as a bubble…. truth lifting its way out of you
With a merry grin and promises of eternal friendship.
Oh..the divine freedoms of nothing more!
Alas, loves confusion is my bed of nails,
And, it seems I am tucked down tight.
My too high pillow is stuffed full of whispered wishes
And wet with a river of tears.
Oh what delicious torment to be started through happenstance!
What does it matter if purity of intention,
Holds me from freedom of heart
If both leave me lonely?

© 2012

Ruby Honeytip

Feet and Hands (Esperanza)

As a young girl, I would stare at my bloodied feet.

Hardened, dirty, sore.

Miles walked on scorching earth collecting food and water for my family,

Eyes open, mind closed to the loss, the dry hunger

And violence toward the ones I loved and the ones I didn’t.

I looked to the stars and prayed for relief.

I imagined myself swept far away and planted in a different place where death is not daily.

I prayed for my Mother, for the survival of my friend,

I prayed for help.

One day help came and I began my journey…..

My daughter has a balanced stance,

And delicate coloured shoes.

She learned at school there are 26 bones

In her soft feet

And she thinks it a miracle.

She smiles at passers by

And picks sunflowers for her brothers,

As I water our plants and breathe.

Esperanza sits at my feet as she makes flower chains

And chatters of her new dear friend and her cat.

I was given a hand up by people I can never repay.

They gave me an education and the chance to work hard for the possibility of a life I have shown to my children.

The only way I can pay it back is to live the life the charity intended.

I will hold on to the outstretched hands of my Sisters

And lead the way out……..

©  2012

Ruby Honeytip

You’ll Do

I realized long ago,
There are no huge plans for me
There will be no fanfare as I pass through
My meat pie destiny.
There are no Nobel Prizes,
To proclaim my importance by,
No Academy Awards,
No private jet from which I fly.
The world did not get curious
Or ponder what I would become
Turns out I’m just a plain Jane girl
With a slightly enlarged bum.
And there you are my husband,
With equally echoed dreams,
Reverberating behind you,
With all you could have been.
There are no sun filled yacht trips,
Through the Caribbean sea,
No cocktails in the parlour,
For the likes of you and me.
We haven’t burnt our bridges,
For they were never put there at the start,
So it looks like we’ll be bored to death,
Until the day we part.
Romance is really not my thing
Just between me and you,
But it’s with a heartfelt up and down
That I look at ya and think ‘You’ll do’

© 2012

Like a Boss

She wants to sweep her fingertips over the base of his throat as he throws his head back to laugh.
She wants to smell the salty ocean air through the pine trees and hear her own soft whimper as he bends to kiss her.
She wants to feel him whisper sweet, crazy words close to her ear and delight in the hidden shivers he brings to the depths of her.
She wants to let the heat from his hand burn her thigh.
She wants to pull his sweet breath inside her chest and hold it until she knows it has travelled to the centre of her.
She wants permission to stand close…very close…
Can he tell that his name starts deep inside her and rings and rings and rings? …….
Slowly, she opens her eyes and, ever ladylike, crosses her legs, hands folded over her knees, as the world comes back to focus
She wonders if this too shall pass
So she can get back to work!

© 2012